Casa Velasca

Velasca Milano new headquarters


Via San Martino, 14 - Milano


11/2019 - 09/2020


440 sqm

“Casa Velasca” is the new headquarters of the famous brand of classical handcrafted shoes. The space, over 400 sqm, spreads over two floors: the gound one is intended for welcoming and sharing, whilst in the first floor there are working spaces. Ground floor is a big open-space where there are a break area and a flexible space that can be converted from meeting room to projection room and vice versa. First floor, in which importance is given on architectonic structure leaving roof trusses exposed, is organized in two open spaces that host workstations, a meeting room and a kitchenette.

The concept of the project focuses on the Velasca Milano wish to have a space with a vintage feature that mirrors the brand. The study of materials, colors and furniture allowed to create a new space that reminds the shops atmosphere.

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