New Look and Feel of CBRE GWS offices, Milan


Via Caduti di Marcinelle, 3 - Milano


07/2019 - 09/2020


1950 sqm

The new Look and Feel concerns the ground, first and second floor of the building located in Via Caduti di Marcinelle and which today is the new office building of CBRE GWS . On the ground floor there are a reconfigurable space and a call center area, both bounded by new glazing transparent walls. Good acoustics were achieved by soundproof panels suspended from the ceiling. A new gym for the employees has been built in order to improve the general wellness and boost up the work environment of the company. On the upper floors the work spaces has been redesigned: on the mezzanine there are a break area and phone booths and seats for informal meetings. The operative area is on the second floor, where workstations in open space are mixed with private offices bounded by glazing walls and identified by new bright green carpet (inspired by the corporate colour).

New offices of Via Caduti di Marcinelle are configured as a multishapes space, thought to satisfy all different operative needs of a dynamic team. The multiple possibility of aggregation inside operative areas is the thread tha binds spaces of each floor. The color shows the type of activity that has be to done: to green color, flooded with light, is associated a space for concentration; to warm colors are associated spaces for brainstorming and multidisciplinary interaction. The final result is a fluid space, comfortable and with a strong identity.

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