Zanzibar New Harbour

Developed design of the new harbour of the Zanzibar Navy, Tanzania


Malawy Rd - Zanzibar (TZ)


02/2020 - 09/2020


48600 sqm

The new harbour occupies an area of 48600 sqm along the west coast of the island. The project inlcudes sea works to built breakwaters, piers and floating docks and ground works consisting in 16 new buildings construction both civil and industrial typology, in renovation of the existent headquarters and in external works of landscape design, new roads and parks and two heliports.
The plan is organized around the barycentric entrance from Malawy Rd. Just passed the entrance guard and turned left a group of linear buildings develops around a green courtyard where in the center take place the renovated Navy’s headquarter. These buildings are intended for dormitories and common spaces like canteen, diving center, gym, laundry etc. Nearby , after a big asphalted square for boat storage, an hangar rises and hosts maintenance and repair space for boats even of considerable size. Conversely, turning right after the entrance guard, we find a truck workshop and the helicopter sector consisting in hangars for helicopters park, a workshop for maintenance and repair and the pilot apartments building.
The architectural language is rational and functional but not obvious. A compositional grid is the regulating lines for facades project and for full-empty ratio. As far as civil buildings are concerned facade surfaces are rendered and characterized by applied elements such as brise-soleil, metal sheets for downspouts covering and windows frame. Chromatic diversity of the plaster and different configurations of finishings and applied elements define each block. As far as industrial buildings are concerned metal sandwich panel coating gives curtain walls a rhythm interrupted by big apertures for means of transport, be them boats, trucks or helicopters. The homogeneous and light coloured coating makes mass lighter and shows up the green of the context.
The morphology of this area is characterized by the ground descending quite steeply to the sea. The project supports this trend and three principal levels are created: the first is the waterfront level, the second is the renovated Marinas’ headquarters level and the third is entrance guard and helicopter area level.


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