We are a team of professionals, architects and engineers, specialising in building design and interior design.

PALOMA ARCHITECTS’ creative process aims at the synthesis and interpretation of Customers’ wishes and is based on a passion for architectural culture, fostered by ongoing close investigations and dialogues with the social, economic and environmental contexts. PALOMA ARCHITECTS aim at reducing environmental impact as much as possible.

To ensure that the structural, mechanical and electrical components can evolve hand in hand with the design concept PALOMA ARCHITECTS’ consolidated and highly specialised network of engineers works closely with the architects.

According to PALOMA ARCHITECTS, interior design is a place where a living space is to be identified with its dweller, through a harmonious synthesis of both forms and materials.

When planning and designing a workplace, PALOMA ARCHITECTS is committed to ever guaranteeing the maximum efficiency levels in terms of production and running-cost efficiency. The strict domain of space planning is reinterpreted in the beam of new technologies and of the need to implement the dynamics of people interactions and brand promotion.

Paloma Architectsā€™ integrated project methodology is in accordance with processes as long as with ethics and sustainability.

Integrated project and sustainability

We built a proven network of experts. Role of the architect is enriched of complementary skills for a flexible, competitive and specialized proposition.

Ethical Code

Our effort for a constant attention to process, ethics and sustainability.

PALOMA ARCHITECTS fosters and practices communication transparency and probity by ever granting best quality services and products. PALOMA ARCHITECTS honours any agreements and feels responsible towards their Customers for any goals to be attained. PALOMA ARCHITECTS guarantees the proper use of Customerā€™s sensitive personal data in compliance with Italian current legislation.

PALOMA ARCHITECTS cooperates with a sound network of specialised partners and reliable, innovative suppliers, opened to any sources of enhancement concerning services, prices and offer, always maintaining best quality.

PALOMA ARCHITECTS believes in the value and worth of a respectful and supportive work environment, a constructive dialogue and open debate aimed at Customersā€™ satisfaction, product quality and the accomplishment of a socially contestualised and environmentally aware architecture. PALOMA ARCHITECTS help their collaborators go through a constant, professional growth and is dedicated to enhance the potential of each and every resource by means of regular training and updating.