New Look and Feel of CBRE GWS offices, Milan


Via Caduti di Marcinelle, 3 - Milano


07/2019 - 09/2020


1950 sqm

cbre milano

The new Look and Feel  involves the ground, first and second floors of the new Headquarters of CBRE GWE in Caduti di Marcinelle Street in Milan. The ground floor consists of a flexible area and a call center separated by glass partitions. Soundproof panels suspended from the ceiling were adopted to reduce noise level. There is also a fully equipped gym for employees to improve wellness and working atmosphere.  On the upper floors, work areas have been re-designed: on the first floor there are a coffee break area, phone booths  and seating for informal meetings situated 7 metres above and overlooking the ground floor. On the second floor there are open space workstations and more private glass walled offices with green carpeting recalling the company corporate colour.   The new offices in Caduti di Marcinelle Street appear as innovatively created spaces designed to fulfill different working needs of a dynamic team. The leitmotif that joins all the working areas is the ease of human interchange on all the floors. The colour choice was decided according to the area of activity: to aid concentration, green enhanced by natural light while brainstorming and interdepartmental meetings call for warm colours.

This results in a flowing, comfortable space with strong personal identity.

cbre milano

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