Hair Bar


Via Turati, 3 - Milano




70 sqm

Hair Bar opens in Milan, at no.4 in Turati street. This is a contemporary version of the shampoo and set in an attractive and informal surrounding, fitting with the contemporary digital world, a place where beauty and concreteness of the metropolitan, young and business oriented clients can meet.

Paloma Architects designed the concept of the salon : the space covers 60 sqm  partially on two levels with two large windows looking onto Turati street through which you can see the total internal space. The idea was to create an innovative and unique place combining concepts of elegance, contrast and fluidity.

The softly curved wood counter, custom made, fronted with wavy laminates divides the space creating a gentle curve which leads to a series of comfortable rose pink seats.

The same design follows in the upper part of the salon with a perforated metal sheet which sorrounds and overhangs the back of the counter where the double height of the first part of the salon is lowered by the false ceiling.

The artistic palette and material effects create a dynamic and sparkling ambient:  the neutral tone of the light grey, concrete effect of the walls give a background  for a sage green of the balcony and the perforated metal sheet, which is reflected  also in the wall separating the basins from the counter.

All the products and objects find their own space in an organized and harmonious way designed specifically to be easily adaptable and recreated in other contexts.

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