Credit Suisse

New Look and Feel for Client Area and Office Spaces, Credit Suise Milano


Via Santa Margherita n┬░3, Milano


06/2018 - 12/2018


3800 sqm

credit suisse milano

Paloma Architects developed the project for the Client Area for the impressive Credit Suisse

Headquarters in Milan.

The aim of the project was to refurbish the whole area incorporating some of the Bankvalues into the design. Paloma Architects choses stones and glass to represent solidity and


Elegance and corporate identity are also reflected in the choice of colors, where bright blue was chosen as the representative and therefore predominant color.

Also important for Paloma Architects has been the look and feel of the office spaces: stylish glass partitions with a geometric design in graduating blue characterize the internal space affording complete privacy.

An informal but smart graphic design has been studied for meeting rooms and phone booths.

The overall effect is a comfortable top class area fitting perfectly also with the operative space.

credit suisse milano

Photo credit:

Beppe Raso Photographer

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