Credit Suisse

New Look and Feel for Client Area and Office Spaces, Credit Suise Milano


Via Santa Margherita n°3, Milano


06/2018 - 12/2018


3800 sqm

The new Look and Feel for Client Area and Office Spaces has been the goal of Paloma Architects consultancy.

A real challenge project aiming to the realization of the Bank representative area. Paloma Architects focused on the confirmation of some of the Credit Suisse values such as solidity and transparency. The use of stone, glass and the will of creating a wide perspective from the main door are the fundamental principles on which Paloma based the concept.

A meticulous research of geometric shapes and colours has been the center of the Look and Feel of the office Space Area: here the variation of corporate blu colour together with a specific informal area graphic design has implemented the wellbeing of operative spaces.

The result is a suggestive space with the elegant plain and the strong shapes reflecting in a pure way the objective of the project for the Headquarters in via Santa Margherita, Milan.

Photo credit:

Beppe Raso Photographer

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