Regina Isabella Hotel

Paloma Architects develop a project to incorporate the smaller rooms for the Regina Isabella Hotel


Piazza Santa Restituta, 1, Lacco Ameno



Regina Isabella Hotel was built in the 1950s at the behest of Angelo Rizzoli. The entire hotel, consisting of three sections – Regina Isabella, Sporting and Royal – exudes the culture of Mediterranean savoir vivre, devoted to elegance and beauty.


The Hotel has four swimming pools: a raised outdoor pool containing purified sea water by the beach, an indoor spring water pool, a third, outdoor, pool with heated spring or sea water and another indoor spring water pool for music therapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy.


Regina Isabella Hotel has 128 bedrooms, including 27 Luxury rooms and suites.


The facility also includes an approximately 2000 m2 spa complex occupying the site of the ancient Greek-Roman baths, of which two magnificent, naturally-fed pools remain to this day.


The increasingly refined demands of contemporary tourism call for an updating of the standards of the services offered in order to cater for a diverse clientele.


Paloma Architects was commissioned to develop a project to incorporate the smaller rooms into high-standard suites suitable even for long stays and for providing adequate accommodation for guests with disabilities.


The challenge was to preserve the original characteristics of the interiors and the Hotel’s strong ties with the local area and its history.

A meticulous study of the pitch of the suites combined with a refined choice of finishes and furnishings resulted in the definition of a tailor-made project that is in step with the uniqueness of the hotel, its location and its history.


Tiles from Vietri, with bright colours that merge perfectly with the landscape of which they constitute an almost seamless continuation, and perfectly coordinated wood and textiles that impress a true sense of modernity without neglecting the extraordinary tradition of our country.

regina isabella
regina isabella
regina isabella
regina isabella
regina isabella
regina isabella
regina isabella

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